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Media Representation
An NaharL'Orient Le JourCommerce Du LevantNounJamalouki cedar wings  
Trim size H 58.0 cm  W 38.0 cm
Printed Area H 52.5 cm  W 35.5 cm
Number of columns 8
Column width 4 cm
Space between columns 0.5 cm
Art Work EPS File or PDF, 300 dpi,
high resolution

Please find hereunder the settings used on "Photoshop" for black & white and colored ads to be published in L'ORIENT- LE JOUR:

CMYK Setup   Euronews print
Dot gain: 30 %
GCR black generation: light
black ink limit: 85 %
total ink limit: 245 %
UCA amount: 75%
UCR black ink limit: 85 %
total ink limit: 245 %
LPI 100 for Black & White
110 for color
DPI 1200 (on image setter)

- The GCR settings are to be used on dark pictures, whereas UCR on normal and light pictures.

* Please note that our newspapers decline all responsibilities for bad reproduction if above mentioned specifications are not thoroughly applied.

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